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You are my heart, my love and my soulmate Myspace Comment


Now he is my husband, but also my best friend and my soulmate. He told me he would pay out of pocket,just pray for him! And one evening I received a message from her. Navigation is smooth and intuitive. I decided to delete my account next day but suddenly got a message from Coal. Make sure how many people are in your area.

Have you met your soul mate? - Ashley Clift-Jennings - TEDxUniversityofNevada

I had no money to pay to fix the hackers he said was stealing imfo. Those dozens of women who messaged me suddenly lost interest as soon as I paid. Well a week or so ago a woman clicked my link and said that she liked me. From that moment we never parted again. I received one message from a lady claiming to be from Calif. RuthAll I want to do is flirt with you dakotaI enjoyed reading your profile.

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Support never replied to any of my messages. You attract the most interest. Mine is still up since June 10 when they ran the scam on me. Could you post a photo of yourself? During that time I received about messages. Because your one of the only decent people who actually populate Kenfig.

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People get so fired up about anons but does anyone remember the truth box widget for MySpace fucking shit got real on there back then. I miss myspace. I miss Truth Box, and wondering who your secret admirer really was or picturing how often they visited your page. I miss owning peoples pictures, and having other people want to own mine.

It made commenting friendly, supportive. It made me feel like people were proud to be my friend. I miss wall posts: a place where your friends could just drop by to tell you they were thinking of you. Why do all these good things have to end? I recieved this in my Truth Box on Myspace awhile back. Seeing this comment settles me, it was sweet of you to take the time and write this. So, thank you, anonymous truth boxer, you make my day everytime I decide to read this over.

Zwei unbekannte Frauen kaperten gestern in der Bananenfabrik die Truth Box von Meriam Bousselmi und nahmen sich gegenseitig die Beichte ab. Die Installation funktioniert! Ein Stereodrama am WalkieTalkie I spent hours upon hours learning and refining my page. It was a big hobby of mine. Also I used to spend a lot of time on Nick. Mark turned down one billion dollar!! I recall seeing this awesome screenshot of Tom roasting some dude on twitter. The guy had made fun of the failure that MySpace was, Tom had actually replied and roasted him..

Overall seems like a cool dude. Kind of makes me regret over a decade ago when I deleted him from my friends when I got MySpace. Yes, but not back to Tom. Might happen to Reddit soon enough.

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Shhhh I think most Reddit users came after the Digg Exodus. Gave us more popularity, but also the problems that come with it. I hate all the bots, and trolls in every popular thread, downvote accounts etc. I remember the long pun threads, hating on bad grammar and more discussion than argument. We still get a lot of good content but very little original anymore. Idk if it's that I've seen the stuff over the last decade or so, or if we are actually unoriginal. Didn't Murdoch buy it?

I'm glad it cost him a half billion but it probably didn't mean much to him. Some might say he bought it just to destroy it looking back on how influential social media is now.

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Not only did he sell it, one if the purchases in the deal was Justin Timberlake. They wanted to repurpose it as a site to find musicians. No, no, he sold it to Rupert Murdoch for half a billion, it promptly became unpopular and Murdoch finally offloaded it for a few millions to Timberlake et al. The best part of MySpace was adding your favorite song to your profile.

Could immediately tell if you were going to like someone or not. And no social media platform has replicated the "song" feature ever since Mine was Metallica Unforgiven playing in the background while glitter font stretched the page horizontally for many many pages. I had a pool game you could play right in the page, a dart game, a basketball game, etc. It literally took 5 minutes to load my page on dial up. But once it loaded, you were in for a great time.

I want to thank Tom. I met my wife on MySpace in Oct of I loved that site. Hell of a lot better than Facebook. Funny story I met my husband on myspace in I think it was January! I remember he sent me a message saying "We have way too much in common for us not to be friends.

Then we started texting and he asked me out for Valentine's that next month. We've been together ever since, got married in I kinda wish it would come back it was so great to see what people liked as hobbies and pictures and music not stupid quizzes and political opinions and garbage. Facebook is absolute crap now. Hoping that Vero takes off so I can ditch Instagram too. I got rid of both about a year ago. I quit Facebook about five years ago and am now considered mysterious by those who "knew" me which I think is hilarious.

I haven't been up to anything spectacular but since I don't post about anything I do on the internet, I'm some sort of Bigfoot type now. I have never gotten that one before.

How I manifested my soulmate via BLOG POST - The Day Reality Challenge

I have three beagles and am working on opening a bark and brew under that name so I hope it's not too ridiculous I just discovered it I got only one friend there lol. But I think it's so much better than Facebook's headache.

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Wow I met my now wife on MySpace in March when we were in high school! Cheers to a fellow MySpace marriage! Crazy to think this site decided the future for so many. If it wasn't for MySpace, my daughter would have never been born.

From MySpace to MySoulmate From MySpace to MySoulmate
From MySpace to MySoulmate From MySpace to MySoulmate
From MySpace to MySoulmate From MySpace to MySoulmate
From MySpace to MySoulmate From MySpace to MySoulmate
From MySpace to MySoulmate From MySpace to MySoulmate
From MySpace to MySoulmate From MySpace to MySoulmate
From MySpace to MySoulmate From MySpace to MySoulmate
From MySpace to MySoulmate From MySpace to MySoulmate

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