Murder in Mumbai: A Dutton Guilt Edged Mystery

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Since your web browser does not support JavaScript, here is a non-JavaScript version of the image slideshow: A deadly poisoning, a stolen painting and a criminal mastermind challenge the skills of Sharpe and Donovan. Opposites attract in this gilded age historical romance when a young American suffragette eschews marriage until a handsome detective is hired to protect her from a dangerous stalker.

Where do you go when you're at the end of your rope? Log In to see more information about K. Spending time with this mystery is a perfect way to celebrate a New York City burlesque anniversary. She recently co-edited the U. Frankel is a historical consultant and can be reached through LinkedIn or Facebook. He shares some advice for aspiring writers, and tells why novel writing is not that different from TV writing:. Saw an interesting comment by Michael Connelly, writer of the Harry Bosch series.

On being asked about his Irish roots, he replied:. That kind of story crosses all oceans and all boundaries. It gets to the nub of writing — it is what we should all be, just story tellers with good characters. Characters that readers are interested in and who they care about.

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The genre is secondary — it is why good crime fiction does so well in my view it is because the stories are so good. Your attention is held. And you have characters in them that you care about even more so in series where you have a central recurring character — think Jo Nesbo and Harry Hole. I am reminding myself here as much as others — I have a tendency to wander off from the story.

Sometimes this is good as it leads the story to new places — other times it is just bad like the little girl who had a little curl right in the middle of her forehead..

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Note — I am not suggesting here that when I am good I am very very good … it just brought the nursery rhyme into my head. Wandering off in the middle of a story can lose you your reader — which is why I try to keep my reader in my head. They change shape depending on what I am writing — but sometimes they are a very specific person. I read aloud a piece I have written and wonder what they would think of it. Anyway that came into my mind as I was talking to a lovely writers group during the week and it made me, once again, think about writing.

The why, the what and the wherefore. PS It is also about the words and how they are strung together — the last line of this little poem bears that out. Apart from rhyming with forehead, the use of the word horrid is just so perfect! John Harvey has written a superb final case for the enduring and never weary ok, just a little weary detective Charlie Resnick. However John Harvey had other ideas and gives Resnick one last hurrah. However when a body from thirty years ago is unearthed during some excavation work Charlie is asked to lend his expertise. Jenny was heavily involved in the strike movement however her husband refused to stop work in the local mine.

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Rumour had it she had run off with another man. Her disappearance only raised small suspicions and a limited investigation. Until now, thirty years later. Resnick was heavily involved with the police action at the time, police action which is now under the microscope. Command wants the case cleared up as quickly and as quietly as possible. However with the trail of evidence and witnesses buried in the past questions are only going to open old wounds. Not only on a national scale but for a small town and within a marriage.

Watson, Jude. Loot: How to Steal a Fortune. New York: Scholastic. Advance Reader Copy After my book club meets tomorrow, my Loot will be long gone. Here's a quick preview before it's snatched up. It begins with a foreboding prophecy regarding stolen semiprecious moonstones: You will be caught tonight and made to pay. Death by water, before the moon is set. Before the passage of thirteen years, the two birthed together will die together. Two of the prophecies have already come true. Two thieves are dead. Now, year-old March, son of a thief, must figure out the mystery with no other assets than a getaway bag, some cryptic clues, and remembered advice from his deceased father, Never trust a guy who says, "Trust me.

Never let someone steal your getaway car. If you think nothing can go wrong, you'd better think again. March, his twin sister, and fellow foster home escapees, Izzy and Darius, will match wits with jewel thieves, fences, cops, and millionaires in a desperate search for answers and the mysterious moonstones. This is a fast-paced, action-packed thriller with plenty of plot twists and intrigue—a globe-trotting trek with its roots in the underbelly of New York City.

Due on a shelf near you June 24, Robotham knows exactly how to unfurl a story, keeping you interested and guessing in equal measure. But I have a new favourite Robotham now because this is beyond doubt the best novel yet from Michael Robotham. Nine best-selling novels later he knew how he was going to do it and it was worth the wait. Audie Palmer has spent the last ten years in prison for an armed robbery that netted 7 million dollars. Money that has never been recovered.

Everybody wants to know where the money is; other prisoners, guards and various law enforcement. Audie has survived beatings, stabbings and other assaults and is finally due to be released from prison tomorrow. Except he has just escaped. And so begins an epic thriller.

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Nobody knows why Audie has escaped but they think it has to do with the money. Motivations that people will kill for, motivations people will live for. This is far and away the thriller of the year. It will keep you glued to end of your reading chair, it will keep you guessing until the very end and, best of all, it will break your heart. Exclusive reports from Crime Fiction's international big-bash by our roving reporter. There are tents full of horror books, next to a sandwich and hamburgers joint.

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  4. Needless to say, a churro tent is located between a detective fiction book tent and another one of fantasy genre. The event this year is held at Poniente Beach in four tents where most of the film screenings, conferences and other events take place. Your shoes get full of sand everywhere you go, but if it rains, as it did last Friday, what you step in is mud.

    Tons people walk around, eating, talking, and sporting La Semana Negra hats--a black, detective hat given free as a pretty keepsake to people who attend. There are also tents set up as bars, nightclubs and restaurants. At night, these places are full of people listening either to a live rock band or dancing to the sounds of techno or house.

    La Semana Negra also contains a big concert stage where everyday at there are concerts, and spectators comfortably sit on the sand, drink beer, sidra, or their drink of choice and enjoy the music. The tent bookstores close at 12pm, so it is not rare to see people with bags full of books, tired of carrying them around, having a beer while reading a book they just purchased. I shed a tear every time I see someone with a book by Dashiell Hammett in one hand and chocolate churro on the other. Plain and simple paradise. This picturesque scenery and the great variety of tents is something Paco Ignacio Taibo II tries to convey every year.

    And this is entirely true. There are all sorts of people--from the abuelito who can barely read anymore because his sight is not as good as before, to the young guy who prefers to wait until the movie comes out instead of reading the book--who come to La Semana Negra just to have a good time and maybe, after looking at so many books, even buy one.

    Thania - you are making me get teary-eyed. You have firmly captured the spirit and feel of Semana Negra and brought back fond memories of the one time I attended Thank you - give my best to Rolando and Paco. Thania-it seems that you are really enjoying your time over in Gijon. Your coverage of the event is very informative.

    It seems that everyone there is the nonpretentious type. It is good to know that people from all walks of life are able to enjoy the Semana Negra. Keep up the good work and have a beer for me! La Semana Negra has been screening his movies since Saturday, every night at ten thirty. Although he is an elderly person now, he still maintains a posture and an enviable elegance.

    This was a big surprise for the people of this city. Robles that he was been a true inspiration for me. An incredible anecdote that Robles told with great pride and a definitely well deserved recognition. Nice Job! At this moment I don't remember if I had seen that movie, The Vampire, but I am pretty sure that I did since that was my grandpa's passion and hobbie, to watch Cine de Oro Mexicano. Felicidades Thania por este trabajo.

    Thanx for keeping us update of what is happening at La Semana Negra. At La Semana Negra , every day at five, there are tertulias where the invited writers discuss a topic. Right off the bat, the debate heated up. Some said Mr. Hyde is the worst monster of all time; others thought it was zombies and of course the always scary vampires.

    Although the list of monsters was very long, Mr.

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    Hyde took the prize. I would look around at the puzzled faces: some were ready to get up and say something, and others nodded when they agreed with what one of the writers said. After the debates are over, you see spectators coming up to the writers, saying they agreed with what they were saying, that the other writers were wrong, or something of the sort. This tertulia focused on evil in these writers' own literature, why they write detective fiction, hardboiled, gothic and such, summarizing why their characters or stories are in some way evil.

    Hyde are not the prettiest things--but I definitely wanted La Bloga readers to know what topics are discussed at La Semana Negra and to make sure everyone gets a feel of the types of discussion that happen here. But not only that; I also wanted to pass on the excitement and happiness that people who attend this gathering feel. Thania, thanks for taking notes at the tertulia about evil characters. The authors' combined definitions of monsterism has given me the key to unlock a mystery about one of the characters in my new novel: he is an evil ex-boxer-veterano-pachuco. He is insensitive, detached, narcissistic, cold-blooded and a hardboiled monster.

    He's Mr. Thania, Thank you for taking these notes at La Semana Negra. I am sure that there are so many activities going on that you cannot cover all of them, but what you post everyday is just perfect to give us an idea of what is going on there. As you know, literature is not my forte, but I can tell you that I read the book where Mr. Hyde comes out and I was shocked when the book reveals the identity of Mr. As the writers mentioned in their tertulia, it is in our nature to be both good and evil at the same time.

    Those trying to identify the evil and eradicate it most of the time end up being the evil without noticing it. By the way, a pachuco malo de boyle heights sounds extremely interesting!!!! Corrections, my friend and amazing cuban writer Rodolfo Perez Valero kindly corrected me on something. Sorry, a big mistake and I apologize! Since the recital was scheduled for one in the morning, I had planned to arrive an hour before, thinking I was going to get a good, comfortable spot.

    But it seemed dozens of people thought the same thing. Usually at this hour people are at the clubs dancing away the night, and you would think no one would even think about poetry. So I made my way through to the front to sit wherever possible. I got a little spot right on the front between two couples and took out my camera.

    Before the recital, the tent was noisy, people desperately trying to find a place, but by am, no one else was able to get in. This made me feel more excited, and I felt envious looks from people behind me. The recital got started by Yampi who livened up the tent with his guitar so people started singing.

    With his endless smile, Yampi thanked everyone for being there so late at night. I thoroughly enjoyed it, and it has been published just at the right time as it would be a great holiday read — light but not frothy, descriptive but not hard-going. You are commenting using your WordPress. You are commenting using your Google account.

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    Murder in Mumbai: A Dutton Guilt Edged Mystery Murder in Mumbai: A Dutton Guilt Edged Mystery
    Murder in Mumbai: A Dutton Guilt Edged Mystery Murder in Mumbai: A Dutton Guilt Edged Mystery
    Murder in Mumbai: A Dutton Guilt Edged Mystery Murder in Mumbai: A Dutton Guilt Edged Mystery
    Murder in Mumbai: A Dutton Guilt Edged Mystery Murder in Mumbai: A Dutton Guilt Edged Mystery
    Murder in Mumbai: A Dutton Guilt Edged Mystery Murder in Mumbai: A Dutton Guilt Edged Mystery
    Murder in Mumbai: A Dutton Guilt Edged Mystery Murder in Mumbai: A Dutton Guilt Edged Mystery
    Murder in Mumbai: A Dutton Guilt Edged Mystery Murder in Mumbai: A Dutton Guilt Edged Mystery

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