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Despite the dramatic upsurge in Iranian oil exports, regime leaders in Tehran said the U. Foreign Minister Javad Zarif went even further, calling a recent decision by a U. April 15, Dissident ayatollah escapes alleged assassination attempt. Dissident ayatollah Kasemeini-Borujerdi, who has been jailed since for his refusal to accept the doctrine of absolute clerical rule, narrowly escaped an assassination attempt in Evin prison, according to his European representative Maryam Moazen.

Citing reports from inside Evin, Mrs. Moazen told FDI that Iranian regime intelligence agents gave Borujerdi poisoned food that caused "severe pains, in particular in his legs," and affected his eyesight. The attempted food poisoning occured on April 7, following days of solitary confinement, and was not the first assassination attempt against the dissident ayatollah while in prison. It also came at the end of Borujerdi's 11 year sentence. He was scheduled to be released earlier this month but continues to be held in Evin, where the Special Court for the clergy is now attempting to file a new case against him for "heresy," Mrs.

Moazen said. March 30, U. UNSC Resolution called on Iran to "refrain" from testing ballistic missiles designed with the capability of delivering nuclear weapons. The letter stated that Iran had achieved that key capability with its improved Qadr missiles, test-fired on March 9. The Qadr-F reportedly had a range of 2, kilometers 1, miles , and the Qadr-H had a range of 1, kilometers 1, miles , bringing not just Israel but targets in Europe within range. March 23, State Department confirms additional payments to Iran.

The news emerged in a letter from the State Department in response to an inquiry from Rep. Treasury from Iran for Foreign Military Sales purchases in the United States, plus interest, but that "fact-intensive claims" involving "over 1, separate contracts between Iran and the United States" remain outstanding and are now the subject of new negotiations. The letter is here pdf file. The Iranian Connection to the Benghazi attacks is finally coming to light, from today's Washington Times.

While the results remain classified, Gen. Flynn has confirmed that he issued the tasking order for an all source review of what the defense intelligence community knew about the Iranian presence in Benghazi and involvement in the attacks. View the original DIA document here [pdf document]. March 19, U. Reza Zarrab, 33, was arrested on charges of money-laundering and sanction violations, and flown over the weekend to New York.

You can read the unsealed indictment here [pdf document]. March 6, Ajad's sanctions-buster-in-chief condemned for fraud: The official media in Iran says that Babak Zanjani, who has boasted of laundering billions of dollars of oil sales through Western sanctions regimes, has been condemned to death.

We'll see. More likely is that he hasn't turned over the keys to his overseas empire to his handlers, who now sing for Rouhani March 2, Bin Laden says Iran is "our main artery for funds The letter was among a cache of documents seized during the raid by Seal Team 6 that killed Bin Laden and was posted yesterday to the DNI website. In the letter, Bin Laden reveals that Iran "is our main artery for funds, personnel, and communication, as well as the matter of hostages.

In a landmark victory after years of litigation, U. The regime that invented the genre will celebrate its 37th anniversary on Feb. Timmerman's column in today's Frontpage magazine. Sup porters of jailed dissident Ayatollah Hossein Kazemeini Boroujerdi have sent an an empassioned letter to Reps. Pompeo, Zeldin, and LoBiondo, who are seeking to travel to Iran to monitor the upcoming "elections.

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Boroujerdi's health has "reached a precarious state, because of diseases caused by constant beatings and other forms of torture over the past ten years," they added. And yet, the regime continues to deny him medical treatment. Boroujerdi has particularly angered the regime because as a cleric, he was expected to support the velayat-e faghih, absolute clerical rule.

In fact, there are so many clerics who reject the clerical dictatorship that the regime has established a Special Court of the Clergy to punish them. Boroujerdi's supporters asked the three Republicans to visit Boroujerdi in prison, and if possible to bring a physician with them. Read the letter. Pomeo said the three Republicans asked to meet the head of Iran's nuclear program, Mohsen Fakhrizadeh-Mahabadi, whom the Iranians have kept off-limits to international weapons inspectors, and with Iranian-American hostage Siamak Nemazi.

The full text of the letter is here. The Italian government shrouded nude Roman statutes when Islamic Republic president Rouhani came to town on his shopping spree this week, apparently to "spare" him embarrassment. While Rouhani reportedly did not ask for the veiling, he said, " I thank you for this. This way of thinking is completely unacceptable. There was so much news that the media has had a hard time keeping up.

An overall guide by the Treasury Department of sanctions relief can be found here. The list of Iranian government entities removed from sanctions is here. A profile of seven of the Iranians released by the U. There can be no equivalence, moral or otherwise, between hostages, seized for purely political purposes, and individuals who broke the law and were afforded due process under a democratic system of laws.

The consequences of the lifting of U. One group of Americans may pay an extraordinarily high price for the misguided and dangerous U. Under sanctions relief, Treasury has removed sanctions and asset blocks on the property of Assa Corp and Assa Ltd. In November, the 2 nd Circuit court of appeals chastened U.

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Senior Iranian officials gloated over the way their government put captured U. In initial photographs and video footage released by State media, the 10 U. Despite the fact the sailors were seized on Tuesday, apparently in international waters off the coast of Kuwait, President Obama failed to even mention them during his State of the Union speech that night. The nuclear agreement announced on July 14 is a bad deal for the Iranian people, and for the people of the region. Unverifiable at its core, it virtually guarantees a nuclear arms race with Pakistan helping Sunni allies Saudi Arabia, the UAE, and possibly Turkey and Egypt, to counter the growing power of the Islamic Republic of Iran.

As President Hassan Rouhani said in his speech yesterday, "our prayers have been answered. This agreement makes a mockery of American democracy, by putting the onus on Congress if it "interferes" with the dictates of an executive branch it repeatedly warned and passed legislation to limit. It remains baffling what prompted the U.

Read Timmerman's more detailed analysis of the agreement at the Daily Caller. FDI needs your support! To continue to bring you the type of news and human rights reporting you have come to expect, we need your help. Click here for information on how to make a contribution. Iran news feed, here:. From our archives. FDI Archives:. First, Iran must declare to the IAEA a full account of the prior military dimensions of its nuclear program, and permanently and verifiably abandon such work in perpetuity.

Second, Iran must stop enrichment and never pursue plutonium reprocessing. This includes closing its heavy water reactor. Third, Iran must also provide the IAEA with unqualified access to all sites throughout the entire country. Iran must end its proliferation of ballistic missiles and halt further launching or development of nuclear-capable missile systems.

Iran must release all U. Iran must respect the sovereignty of the Iraqi Government and permit the disarming, demobilization, and reintegration of Shia militias. Iran must also end its military support for the Houthi militia and work towards a peaceful political settlement in Yemen. Iran must withdraw all forces under Iranian command throughout the entirety of Syria. Iran, too, must end support for the Taliban and other terrorists in Afghanistan and the region, and cease harboring senior al-Qaida leaders.

And too, Iran must end its threatening behavior against its neighbors — many of whom are U. This certainly includes its threats to destroy Israel, and its firing of missiles into Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates. It also includes threats to international shipping and destructive — and destructive cyberattacks. Read the President's full Nowruz statement here. Reformists Jan. Video updates available here: Dec.

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Khazali more frequently appears in militia uniform than in clerical garb these days see photo, right. Joint Statement from FDI and ISICRC : A broad array of Iranian opposition groups and leaders have called on Iranians to boycott the upcoming May 19 presidential [s]elections, in which candidates previously selected by the regime are engaging in a state-sponsored masquerade of democracy. Permalink Jan. But that may be easier said than done. Permalink Aug. July 27, Iran arrests another dual-national. The Islamic state of Iran has stepped up arrests of visiting dual-nationals, apparently in an effort to reassert the regime's authority over a population increasingly critical over ongoing corruption scandals.

The latest victim, Iranian-American Reza "Robin" Shahini, had never been politically active but nevertheless erased several years of Facebook posts so not to provide the regime with any reason for arresting him.

Iran: Writer sentenced to six years in prison for unpublished novel - Freemuse

It didn't work. He now joins a growing number of expat Iranians languishing in Evin prison. So much for the "kinder, gentler" face of the regime under Rouhani and the nuclear deal. The Boroumand Foundation estimates that Iran executed people in , the highest number in more than 25 years and the highest per capita execution rate in the world. A detailed listing of of those executed can be found at the Iran Human Rights Documentation Center. So much for the "moderate" President Hassan Rouhani, whose primary goal has been to pull the wool down over the eyes of the West.

Ahmad Shaheed noted the increased execution rate click here for a summary; here for the whole report. The Guardian in London published striking photographs left by Sadegh Souri of juvenile girls on death row in Iranian jails. Under Islamic law, girls convicted of serious crimes as juveniles and sentenced to death remain in jail until they turn 18, when the death sentences are carried out. He was eventually sentenced to six-years for "action against national security," cooperating with foreign organizations," and "evangelism," and moved to Ward in Evin.

Pastor Farshid's letters to his family and to the faithful have been shared through social media around the world. Please pray especially for protection, his family and his adjustment to life outside prison. The explosion of the house church movement, including inside the Revolutionary Guards, prompted former president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad early in his presidency to vow he would " stop Christianity" in Iran. FDI has heard anecdotal evidence suggesting that as many as 2 million former Muslim believers have embraced Jesus in Iran.

We fully expect that the regime will continue to arrest house church leaders and persecute former Muslim believers. Thus, your continued vigilence, prayers, and actions on behalf of political prisoners in Iran is needed now more than ever. Secretary of State Kerry pledged to use a presidential waiver to override a provision in the new Omnibus budget package that requires Europeans who have visited Iran to apply for U. Before the digital ink was even dry on the interview, Kerry fired off his letter, saying that the US intended to lift all sanctions on Implementation Day, as required by the non-binding JCPOA.

An Associated Press investigation has found evidence that Iranian cyber attackers have penetrated US power plants and downloaded "Mission Critical" engineering drawings that experts say could be used to knock out power to millions of homes. In an apparently related incident , Iranian hackers penetrated the computer control system of a small dam less than 20 miles from New York City in , "sparking concerns that reached to the White House," the Wall Street Journal reported.

Iranian hackers are also believed to have hacked major U. FM Zarif said the Board's move "officially cancelled the Board of Governors' 12 previous resolutions relating to Iran's nuclear program. Marines at Iwo Jima. M ore from President Obama's new "friends" in Tehran, a gigantic street caricature of the famous Iwo Jima memorial in Washington. The intent is clear: to poison the mind of ordinary Iranians to the brave soldiers carrying our flag and wearing our uniform. This is, of course, the same regime that murdered U.

Marines in Beirut in October and boasted about chasing America from Lebanon with its tail between its legs. A human rights group has disclosed that the regime executed an Iranian-American reportedly wanted for murdering another Iranian citizen in California. The State Department confirmed that it learned of the death sentence on October 28, and asked the Swiss embassy in Tehran to request a stay of execution, without success.

President Obama appeared with the former spokesperson for the "student" hostage-takers, now a member of the Islamic regime in Tehran, on stage with world leaders at the Paris "climate change" summit. This short video, compiled by an FDI supporter, identifies Masoumeh Ebtekar and replays portion of an interview she gave a US TV station during the hostage crisis, when she stated that she could put a gun to the head of the hostages and kill them. Her son is currently studying in the United States. In a joint statement, they said there had been "no judiciary examination of the murders, or if there was, it was derailed.

In an extensive interview with a Persian-language website called Iran's Nuclear Hope, former president Ali Akbar Hashemi Rafsanjani reveals that the Islamic regime actively pursued nuclear weapons during the Iran-Iraq war, and received help from Pakistani nuclear scientist Abdul Qader Khan. Khan in , and was nominated for the Nobel peace prize in because of this and subsequent investigative work on Iran's then-secret nuclear weapons program. In the interview, Rafanjani reveals that all of Iran's plutonium research and infrastructure was for "military purposes," and that he had intended to build the original Arak heavy water plant at Alamut in Qazvin province, where Iran had other clandestine nuclear weapons-related facilities that the IAEA tried unsuccessfully to inspect in February This was [our] state of mind, but things never become serious," Rafsanjani said.

Rafsanjani underscored the fact that Iran stands to benefit enormously under the deal, gaining access to "cutting-edge technology" that the Western powers have committed to provide to convert the plutonium reactor Arak facility to non-plutonium fuel. The original Persian is here. In a twist that shows the supremacy of supreme Leader Ali Khamenei, the regime has arrested Siamak Nemazi, the co-founder of the pro-regime U. Moghaddam was arrested in July when he returned from six years of doctoral studies abroad, and is a former spokesman of the Etemad Melli Party of former Green movement leader, reformist mullah Mehdi Karroubi.

Prosecutors also sentenced poets Fatemeh Ekhtesari and Mehdi Mousavi to 10 years in prison plus 99 lashes for "shaking hands with someone of the opposite sex. The state TV report, which shows the IRGC general passing t roops in review in front of a long line of Shahab-3 missiles on mobile launchers, does not identify the location of the storage depot, but suggests that it is just one of many such depots that the IRGC have built in recent years.

Hajizadeh is best known for publicly rejecting Western attempts to require Iran to allow inspection of its military sites under the JCPOA, saying that such demands would receive "a response with lead. Hossein Dehghan said was "the first ballistic missile developed by Iran that can be precision-guided until it reaches its target. However, the fact that Iran would develop a liquid-fueled successor to the Shahab-3, rather than more solid-fuel missiles, suggests to some analysts that the financial bite of international sanctions also reached the IRGC missile corps, causing them to focus on less expensive liquid-fuel missiles, which take much longer to prepare for launch than solid fuel rockets.

House Foreign Affairs Committee chairman, Rep. Ed Royce R, CA , wrote President Obama today, warning that Iran's recent launch of a precision-guided long-range ballistic missile capable of carrying a nuclear warhead was "testing United States resolve in the wake of the nuclear agreement. The IRGC's own intelligence unit, which falls under direct control of the Supreme Leader and not the government of President Hassan Rouhani, has stepped up arrests since Rouhani took office, according to reformist activist Ali Afshari.

The IRGC Protection and Intelligence Directorate has focused recently on monitoring anti-regime bloggers and has arrested more than bloggers and internet activists since Rouhani took office. They are also believed to have been behind the arrest of Washington Post reporter Jason Rezaian, who was recently sentenced to six years in prison for espionage. After the closed door Republican conference meeting yesterday, opponents of the deal, led by the Chairman of the House Republican Israel Caucus, Rep.

Pete Roskam of Illinois, convinced Boehner to take action this week to "make clear President Obama did not submit all the required documents" to Congress under the Corker-Cardin bill, and prohibit the President from "lifting, suspending, or modifying sanctions on Iran. Follow-on are expected on Friday in the House, and next week in the U. More from The Hill.

Ted Cruz. Andy McCarthy spelled out this argument in a detailed column on Sept. The latest incident followed an another attack a week earlier in Kermanshah, in which PJAK fighters killed a Revolutionary guard soldier. So far, PJAK has not commented on the clashes. In a letter to Islamic Republic Supreme Leader Khamenei, the Iraqi religious chief blasts Suleymani for blatant interference in domestic Iraqi politics.

This follows the heated exchange between Suleymani and Iraqi Prime Minister Haidar al-Abadi ten days ago, where al-Abadi forcibly ejected Suleymani from a parliamentary meeting. Cardin comes out against the Iran deal. In an oped in the Washington Post, Cardin D, MD explained why he was voting against the deal and outlined new legislation he intends to introduce that would clarify and impose clear limits on the JCPOA.

Menendez comes out against the Iran deal. Ben Cardin of Maryland, have not yet announced their position on the deal. Barry McCaffrey , who declined to sign on. A coalition of Iranian former political prisoners and human rights activists has issued an open letter opposing the Iran nuclear agreement. The group blasted "Western apologists and appeasers of Iranian theocracy" who have been trying to jin up support for the deal , saying they "do no favors to the Iranian people.

Read the full text of the letter. Chris Van Hollen for supporting Iran deal. In an oped appearing in the Washington Examiner, Kenneth Timmerman noted that Van Hollen's leap to support the deal showed once again that the Maryland Democrat puts party before country. On the front pages of regime controlled websites, MOIS is pushing its latest disinformation campaign to discredit Dr. Shaheed was operating as a paid stooge for the Saudi government and had never-ever found a single political prisoner in Iran's many secret prisons and declared jails!

On the nuclear front, the regime has already filed its first formal complaint alleging that the United States is in material breech of the JCPOA, most likely in an effort to lay the groundwork for future, more serious claims that will allow Iran to exploit the "escape clause" built into the nuclear deal, at a moment most advantageous to its political and military ambitions.

In an excellent insider's account of MOIS strategy and tactics , Iran analyst Fariba Davoodi Mohajer dissects the modus operandus of MOIS, its successful efforts to infiltrate and direct opposition organizations, its use of psychological warfare. For anyone who thought the Iranian regime has no supporters to conduct its propaganda and misinformation campaigns in the United States, check out the Sunday New York Times, which includes a full page ad in savor of the nuclear deal sponsored by NIAC , which has been flogging sanctions relief for years.

F DI calls on its supporters to call their Senators and Representatives to oppose the nuclear deal and to make a special call to Sen. Chuck Schumer D, NY , who is said to be sitting on the fence. Schumer's Washington, DC main office line: For additional office locations in New York, click here.

In separate letters sent today to the heads of the California Public Employees Pension Fund and the state teachers pension fund , California state Senator Joel Anderson noted there was "nothing in the JCPOA which would necessite any changes in state policy" regarding the divestment legislation he authored and which is now state law. Following on the heels of a similar finding by the City of Los Angeles attorney July 23, below , these moves highlight the illegality of the JCPOA as it infringes on state and local laws and regulations.

July 24, Kerry hints the U. Rubio that this could mean it would deter an Israeli cyberattack, then contradicted himself, saying "we just have to wait until we get until that point" to decide what to do. July 23, Los Angeles says sanctions will remain in place. In a slap in the face to Secretary of State Kerry and the White House, the City Attorney for Los Angeles confirmed in a letter this week that sanctions legislation he co-authored in the State Legislature in would remain in place until repealed by the U. Congress or the state legislature.

Shadow Novel Writer Madhu Babu Exclusive Interview -- Dil Se With Anjali #37

The legislation bans the state, cities, and counties from contracting with businesses invested in Iran's energy sector, thus forcing those businesses to chose between investing in Iran or doing business in California, a powerful tool that has been adopted in numerous states and jurisdictions around the country. The letter from Michael N.

Feuer came in response to questions from citizens and activists, including Roozbeh Farahanipour, who was elected president of the West Los Angeles Chamber of Commerce this March. Update April 7: State Department spokesperson Marie Harf, after dodging questions on Aboutalebi, said the State Department found his nomination "extremely troubling" and had "raised our concerns" with Tehran.

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Read the latest Mideast headlines here. James Woolsey e. FDI has joined a broad coali tion of U. The disastrous Vienna agreement enables the Islamic regime in Tehran to expand its reign of terror both at home and abroad, better armed, better funded, and with fewer constraints than before. Additional rallies against a nuclear Iran will be held in Toronto in front of the U. Bring your voices, your noisemakers, your friends and family July 15, Iran deal enhances regime, disregards people.

Timmerman: The nuclear agreement announced on July 14 is a bad deal for the Iranian people, and for the people of the region. June 25, Human Rights group blasts Canadian opposition leader. Elections matter. Often they also matter for people who live far away from those who vote. Justin Trudeau, for telling Canadian television that if his party comes to power in the next elections, they planned to end Canada's bombing mission in Iraq and would restore diplomatic relations with Iran.

A long-delayed Pentagon report on Iran's military capabilities was finally delivered to Congress this week. It concluded that Iran "continues to develop technological capabilities that also could be applicable to nuclear weapons, including ballistic missile development," a one-page summary states. The report came as Iran also expanded its direct military intervention in both Iraq and Syria. Canadian human rights activist Nazanin Afshin-jan called on Canadians to protest a "celebration" of Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini, founder of the Islamic Republic, scheduled for this afternoon in Toronto.

Please come out to demonstrate against this tyrant that has caused so much pain anguish and unrest for so many people. In its latest report, the IAEA found that Iran has slightly increased the production of uranium hexafluoride gas, and now has a stockpile of 8, May 13, Protests spread in Iranian Kurdistan. Protests in and around Mahabad, the regional capital of Iranian Kurdistan, began on May 7 after a local Kurdish woman either jumped or was pushed from a upper window of the four-star Tara hotel, apparently to escape being raped by an MOIS agent.

Over the past week, the protests have spread, and the regime has arrested more than people in a heavy security crackdown. Now local Kurdish groups are calling for a general strike throughout the Kurdish region. As the Obama administration continues to negotiate a nuclear deal with Iran, they forget the plight of American hostages in Iran.

And it's not only the best-known among them that they forget, but a whole category of U. Timmerman's column in Frontpage mag. April 4, "Historic" nuclear deal looks different from Washington and Tehran. But just how solid are the achievements that the U. According to Amir Taheri, in its Persian description of the deal , the Iranian regime is claiming that it has accept few if any limits on its program, while the U. State Department issued a lengthy statement, spelling out detail after detail of the commitments it claimed Iran had made.

Meanwhile, a former top aide to Islamic Republic president Hassan Rouhani, who defected to Switzerland during the talks, revealed that the U. Timmerman wrote in Frontpage magazine, " what Motaghi said is that Secretary Kerry is working as an agent of Iran and has been arm-twisting reluctant allies, such as the French, into accepting what they know is a bad deal.

In the 18 months since Rouhani took over as president, the Islamic Republic authorities have executed at least people , or two per day - higher than at any time in the past eighteen years. Most of the "secret" executions were carried out inside prisons. Those executed included juvenile offenders, women, former Muslim believers, and large numbers of Kurds and other ethnic minorities. Download the full report here. Ahmad Shaheed, in Iran released his annual report on widespread human rights abuses in Iran.

Once again, the Iranian regime swept aside Dr. Shaheed's requests to visit Iran to investigate human rights cases. Shaheed's mandate. Meanwhile, a Kurdish human rights group released its report on the indiscriminate murder of porters at Iran's borders, hunted down by Iranian border guards and IRGC units and not reported in any statistics. When the Iranian regime reports at all on such incidents, they refer to them as "skirmishes" with "smugglers. In the letter, he revealed that he is being held in a cell with American pastor Saeed Abedini in Rajai-Shahr prison outside Karaj, in the Tehran suburbs.

Chastising the American president about his failure to intercede on Abedini's behalf, Tabarzadi writes: "I heard that you met with his wife and children, and that his son, little Jacob, asked you to help release his father for his birthday. But we have not heard you demand the release of the hostage Abedini from the tyrant Khamenei.

Tabarzadi was released before the end of his sentence, after spending two years in solitary confinement in Evin Prison in Tehran, on condition he refrain from public statements. He broke his silence after the mass demonstrations against the regime in , and was arrested again on December 27, and sentenced to another eight years in jail. The letter, which Mrs. Ervin translated and sent by registered mail to the White House, called on President Obama to maintain sanctions on Iran and to help the pro-freedom movement.

So far, the White House has not responded to the letter. President; we Iranian people submit to you and the people of the world that there is another way. Please sanction and weaken the illegal regime of Khamenei, and empower the people to overthrow this tyranny," Tabarzadi wrote. Timmerman said the letter shows that the pro-freedom movement in Iran is "alive and well, and is not fooled by the sham nuclear negotiations underway with the West.

Permalink with additional resources. March 14, White House replies to Sen. After Javad Sharif revealed that Iran expects the U. What a story and what a night! Colonel tells us what has happened to a nation and a country in a set of events all happening in one night! A very long night! Dark, stormy, muddy and frightening and very gloomy! I read the book twice since I like works of Dowlatabadi and specially the use of language in his works.

The second time I read it specifically to find his tune and style between the translated lines! It is a big pity that I could not read "Colonel" in Farsi. The book goes through a set of e What a story and what a night! The book goes through a set of events all happening in one night with references to past. What happens to Colonel and his kids is no stranger to Iranians. So many unfortunate events has happened and so many lives has been lost in name of one ideology or another, and sometimes in the name of Iran. Colonel takes us through our history; a history that does not have a winner but certainly has a looser; Humanity!

I wish I can get hold of the original version of book to read it for the third time in its original language. Gosh, this book is grim. It starts with the colonel being summoned from his house in the middle of a rainy night to collect the tortured body of his daughter from the secret police, and he is told to bury her before daybreak to avoid any kind of attention. Each of his childre Gosh, this book is grim.

Each of his children belongs to, and represents, a different political movement: different flavours of communism and Islamism. But they all fall foul of the government sooner or later, as the political tides change. Certainly an effective novel, if not an enjoyable one. Apr 10, Matin Kheirkhahan rated it really liked it.

I would give it a 4. The reason that I prefer the original Persian text is the delicacy of word choices. It was obvious that the words and names were beautifully selected such that they were in perfect harmony of the whole plot, and I believe many points are lost in the English translation. Other than the language, the story is telling a retired colonel's fate whose offspring are representing different popular and I would give it a 4.

Other than the language, the story is telling a retired colonel's fate whose offspring are representing different popular and later oppressed political parties in the 80s. To my knowledge, this dark saddening story perfectly matches the actual history of Iran after revolution. A definitely must-read. Jan 18, Alireza dehghan rated it it was ok.

So i stoped the reading and will wait for the original Farsi copy of this book from Dolatabadie. I dont recommend reading this engklish version of the story to any one. Just simply it is bad JOB. May 29, Kelly rated it liked it. If I knew more about Iranian history, I am sure I would had a better understanding of this book. Even so, the darkness of this book was gripping. I loved the way that the book was presented, with no chapters and therefore no time for the reader to take a breath, much like the colonel was never able to rest.

His ramblings and chaotic thoughts gave the reader insight into the chaos and confusion of his life and the overwhelming guilt that he felt for what happened to his children. Feb 05, Anatoly rated it liked it Shelves: fiction. An interesting novel ,although at times it was hard to focus on what the author meant. There are no chapters which was a downside for me, especially because of the structure and narrative of the story.

But overall it was a pleasant read. May 26, Jim rated it liked it Shelves: fiction , fiction-middle-east-islamic. I suspect this novel is much more poignant for Iranian readers in its original language , but the style and delivery for me in translation probably lost something. I can easily see why it has been banned there and why he is a respected author, but I can't say that I loved this dark story that much.

He threads so much Iranian history into his story thankfully, although some I already knew, there are endnotes to flush out his references , and also attacks many of the different positions and the I suspect this novel is much more poignant for Iranian readers in its original language , but the style and delivery for me in translation probably lost something. He threads so much Iranian history into his story thankfully, although some I already knew, there are endnotes to flush out his references , and also attacks many of the different positions and the costs of supporting them.

Marjan Kamali, Together Tea

There is a taste of magical realism dark , and human reactions to the terrible war with Iraq, as well as oppression and fear under the new regime. I wouldn't be surprised if this is standard reading for college courses on Iran. Jun 25, Sue rated it liked it Shelves: olympic-challenge I found this very difficult to follow as I know very little of the history of Iran.

It would have been helpful to have had the brief explanation at the beginning rather than at the end. However the detailed footnotes were helpful. I tried to think of a time in UK history where similar feelings were invoked. The family turning in on itself did however remind me of the referendum and subsequent brexit vote, but fortunately there has not been the mass violence and breakdown of society.

Despite the I found this very difficult to follow as I know very little of the history of Iran. Despite the at times gruesome subject matter there was some very lyrical prose and extremely strong images.. Sep 26, Eric Randolph rated it liked it. An unflinching, head-on collision with all the tumult of 20th century Iran, a brave and powerful novel but one that struggles to maintain its pace and I suspect the translation fails to capture the beauty of the original.

Nov 15, Omid rated it it was amazing. This book is a nightmare in form of words. I fee crushed by the sadness in this book. No words can describe this book. Jul 02, Carolina rated it liked it Shelves: reviewed. I have a couple of Iranian friends, and one of them told me that the author was really known for his work. So I bought it, and I read it, and here I am having mixed feelings about this book. Deep down I think it was a really good book…but…well, let me tell you about it.

He is afraid, but knows he has to answer. Then it changes to his own voice, he remembers, he wonders, he is afraid for his son who is hiding in the basement. We will follow the colonel for a couple of days I think it is supposed to be 2 or 3 at most and we will learn about how the revolution dismembered his family. Although the colonel is supposed to be the main character, his son Amir and a secret police officer, Khezr Javid will have a very important role through the whole story. My first problem with the book is the fact that the change of voice is not only from third to first with the colonel.

All of the sudden someone else is talking in first person, maybe Amir, maybe someone else, but there is no transition, so a lot of times I kept going back in the pages to try to understand who was speaking to me. There is also a lot of notes. Although this is not a problem, sometimes this would just cut the flow of the story even more, especially when in a single page you have to go to the back of the book 4 times to understand the meaning behind the sentence you are reading.

My friend tells me this is typical of Iranian writing, a lot of hidden meaning in the words, and I think is a beautiful idea, is just that it made it even harder for me to see the whole story. But there were a couple of parts that I was able to grasp the beauty of the sentence without any notes: The colonel had begun to think that the strangest things could happen in life, and that mankind had been created to go through life in a string of bizarre experiences, then to die with its eyes wide open in amazement, proud of never having shocked by anything.

On how people confront their problems: People who are drowning in a sea of problems and have lost all sense of self-worth often grasp at egotism and alienation from everything outside themselves as their only point of fixity and this can help anchor and fortify them. So, you see, the book did make me think. It did give me a different view of the Iranian revolution, so deep down I know is a good book.

But I fear so much was lost in translation for me, although the translator adds a lot of explanations and context at the end of the book. Nov 15, Lily Soltani rated it really liked it. This review is about the translated book and not the original. I am waiting for the original book and as soon as I read it, I will add some more comments. With all my appreciation for this wonderful translator who picked this important and difficult book to translate, I wish that the author can be consulted for correcting a few minor errors in the novel as well as the notes.

I also think that this translation may benefit from a different formatting, so it can be a little bit more reader friendly This review is about the translated book and not the original.

Book Summary

I also think that this translation may benefit from a different formatting, so it can be a little bit more reader friendly for its English language audience. The work will stay while the artist will go one day and I hope that the publisher and translator take this chance and make this translation perfect for serving its purpose. There are a few very good reviews posted here and the first thing that I recommend to the readers, is to read a few of these reviews before starting the book. In the beginning of the book, I was not sure if I was able to finish it because of all the darkness, and a life of a nation pictured as a nightmare.

It always rains and human beings are bad with each other and a family is torn by the politics outside the house. This nightmare is familiar to me. I have been in this nightmare and I have seen families, real families, losing a son to the war, a daughter to conviction to death sentence, and so on. This was Iran between and We should not forget how bad we can be, how monstrous we can act, in circumstances described in this book. I am happy that the author has survived finishing it, because every word and every scene must have taken him back to his personal experiences.

He has created this deadly ocean and drowned himself and the damaged souls of his characters into this stormy dark ocean. I was looking for a hope, for a lighthouse while reading and at the end the colonel led me to this lighthouse finally. He wanted the house to be ablaze with light. My hope is Dowlatabady and his eternal masterpiece. I wish him health and long life from the bottom of my heart and look forward to reading his future works. View all 5 comments. Mar 05, Aaron Typographical Era rated it liked it Shelves: nook , That dash-dash-dash-dash up there enclosed in parentheses is a bit disconcerting, no?

In , he finally submitted The Colonel to the Ministry of Culture and Islamic Guidance censors, where the novel now languishes in a state of limbo, its ultimate fate in his homeland yet to be decided. As it opens the title character of the colonel not to be confused with The Colonel — a reference to Mohammad-Taqi Khan Pesyan — a legendary figure who also appears prominently is summoned by soldiers to take possession of the body of his dead daughter.

May 02, Ingmar rated it liked it Shelves: historic-fiction , politics , iran. I highly recommend reading the page afterword for a short history of Iran, and descriptions of the characters, before venturing into the actual book. Unless you are well-versed in Iranian history and culture, this can make the difference of completing the book or not. Unfortunately, I didn't realize this until I was around page 80, and was at that point ready to give up.

As many reviewers have stated, this is a very complex book. There is constant variation in time-line, and in reality-fantas I highly recommend reading the page afterword for a short history of Iran, and descriptions of the characters, before venturing into the actual book. There is constant variation in time-line, and in reality-fantasy-dream. On top you are served tidbits of Iranian history, mythology and literature, which as mentioned, most likely will make little sense to a reader without such background knowledge.

In the end I think I grasped most of what had happened and learned a bit about Iranian culture and history. Nevertheless, I was not able to enjoy the writing. I don't know how the afterword can claim that 'his language Maybe this 'flow' got lost in the translation the translator admits having great challenges.

So please don't be fooled by the shortness of this novel. It probably will take a non-expert times the normal effort per page. So, if you still have some page, medium-difficult, epic, history-connected masterworks like 'Midnight's Children' or 'The Tin Drum' on your to-read list, consider them as comparable investments.

My three stars are thus an average of fours stars for content and ambition, and two stars for language. Oct 10, Nasim rated it liked it. Dowlatabadi is my favorite Persian writer. I just love the way he writes. I've read four other of his books I think Kelidar and Missing Solouch have been translated to English among them and I have to confess "The colonel" was my least favorite.

One important reason could be because I read all the others in original language Persian. This is the first time I can really feel how much can be lost in translation. Still I enjoyed reading it a great deal. My suggestion to non-Iranian readers or those who are not familiar with Iran's contemporary history is to read this introduction part before reading the book.

It can help to understand what's happening to colonel's children and why they are getting killed one after another. There were different groups who contributed to the revolution in Iran but all got omitted afterwards. Each one of Colonel's children joins one of these groups during revolution. The thing that I enjoyed most about the book is how it depicts the tragic events that happened to all these people.

Most of them were tortured in Shah's prisons before revolution and then were killed after revolution because of having different beliefs from the new regime's theocracy. No wonder the book was banned and couldn't be published in Iran. There are no discussion topics on this book yet.

Readers also enjoyed. Literary Fiction. About Mahmoud Dowlatabadi. Mahmoud Dowlatabadi. Mahmoud Dowlatabadi is an Iranian writer and actor, known for his promotion of social and artistic freedom in contemporary Iran and his realist depictions of rural life, drawn from personal experience. It says it like it is. It is difficult to remain unaffected after reading this novel. I want to quote what to me sums up This was a wonderful first novel by Sahara Deliani. The story is based on the author's, and her families, experiences in Tehran.

I really enjoyed the way that Delijani builds and connects the people Sahar Delijani was born in Tehran, Iran, in and grew up in California, where she graduated from the University of California, Berkeley.

Omids Shadow (Novel set in Iran) Omids Shadow (Novel set in Iran)
Omids Shadow (Novel set in Iran) Omids Shadow (Novel set in Iran)
Omids Shadow (Novel set in Iran) Omids Shadow (Novel set in Iran)
Omids Shadow (Novel set in Iran) Omids Shadow (Novel set in Iran)
Omids Shadow (Novel set in Iran) Omids Shadow (Novel set in Iran)
Omids Shadow (Novel set in Iran) Omids Shadow (Novel set in Iran)
Omids Shadow (Novel set in Iran) Omids Shadow (Novel set in Iran)
Omids Shadow (Novel set in Iran) Omids Shadow (Novel set in Iran)

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