The Greater Magickal Angels: Instant Access To 133 Angelic Powers

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If you are serious about angelic work, this book can take your efforts to a much higher level. The following pages will give you all the information you need to get angel magick working. If you want to know why it works and get a deeper understanding of the process and how it was developed, as well as having access to the first 24 angels I described, then feel free to read Magickal Angels. You should note, however, that you do not need to buy Magickal Angels to benefit from this book.

Everything you need is here. For readers of Magickal Angels, this first section is almost identical to the technique described in the first book, so you can skip to the second part. There is a little more detail on pronunciation, so if that interests you, study that chapter. If you have not read Magickal Angels before, it is essential that you study this first part of the book in detail, as it is the core technique required for angelic contact.

Part Two of the book contains the 48 sigils of the Greater Angels, along with a list of their powers and abilities. This is the essence of the book. Part Three will discuss advanced ideas that were not covered in Magickal Angels. It is recommended that all readers study this section before performing a ritual, to ensure the maximum chance of obtaining the desired results.

ISBN 13: 9781511844604

If you are new to angelic work, study this carefully. As this information has already been published, it has been slightly abridged to keep it absolutely practical. The most important thing is to do magick with confidence, enjoyment and trust. In this ritual you will use the power of imaginary lightning to contact angels and get them to work for you.

Electricity is a force that makes our brains and bodies function, and it is the same force that thunders and flashes from the heavens.

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Ideally, you should imagine a blue light thundering down from above, striking you and returning to the heavens. Most of the best magickal secrets are astonishingly simple, and they can sound so simple that you may dismiss them.

The 72 Angels of Magick - Instant Access to the Angels of Power - Magazine

You may be worried that your imagination is not clear enough. Do not worry about these things. Simply imagine a bolt of lightning striking you and connecting you to the angel you are naming. Imagine that it forges a connection between yourself and the angel. In the real-world lighting strikes the ground and then returns to the sky in an instant, so this is what you should imagine. If you want an angel to hear your request, you should sing. This is the language they speak.

Your singing voice is always heard by an angel. For a full explanation see Magickal Angels. All you need to do is make the angelic name sound as though it is being sung. One note will do, but you can make it more impressive if you have a naturally strong voice. This is the same symbol for picturing a lightning strike. It can take some practice to get this right, because you are doing more than one thing at once, but do not worry about getting this perfectly right. Your intent is far, far more important than perfection.

If you require privacy, and cannot sing out loud, then call the name in your mind, but imagine that it is being sung loudly, to the ends of the universe. Later in the book, you will find that each angel has a Magick Number listed with its name. To create the above talismans for your own use, you have a couple of options.

If you have the physical print version of the book, you can photocopy the talismans, cut them out and you are ready to go.

The Greater Magickal Angels Instant Access to 133 Angelic Powers Damon BRAND PA

Alternatively, you can print out the templates shown below , and write in the required names by hand. This is a matter of personal preference. Print out the templates and then write in the words listed below each template on the following pages, until they resemble the talismans shown above. You do not need to use ornate handwriting, but make it clear enough that you can read the words. You should also draw in the tiny dots that join the words to the triangles, as shown in the images above.

So for Elemiah, whose magickal number is 4, the word on the talisman is Tau. This is what the blank template for Shem Talisman 1 looks like. Eschereye 2. Iehova 3. Messias 4. Tau 5. Iah 6. Vau 8. ElohimZidkenu 9. Va ElohimGibor Eloy Schamas Arbaothioth Albelben et Veruach Hakadoschel Melech Animasticum Ima Saday Iesus Abim Acim Capu Inoschim Ischa Anaday If you want casual sex with lots of attractive people, the magick here works. If you're looking for true love and you think you've found 'the one', this magick can set the wheels of passion in motion. Author Damon Brand combines ancient magick with modern ideas to bring new passion into your life.

Discover how to attract a specific person Use a talisman to turn attraction into love Create an aura of seduction wherever you go True seduction is the art of attracting the people who will please you most, sexually and emotionally. At its best, seduction is also a gift to the one you seduce. This book gives you the tools you need to create a powerful magickal heat that attracts romance, sex and love.

Downloaded: 62 times Size: 43 pages Add to wishlist Download for 50 credits. Magick is used to attract money, love and luck, but it can also be used to inspire artists, to encourage loyalty and passion, to increase popularity and fame, or to repel attacks. Magick can make people see you in a new light, protect you, end bad luck, open new opportunities, and direct change in whatever way you want. If you have a need, it can be served through magick With servitor magick you create a spirit yourself, using your mind, heart and soul, to serve your deepest needs.

This is the most personal magick imaginable, and it can reward you with extreme pleasure, the power to create change, and the ability to attract prosperity in all areas of your life. Everything that could be said about servitors has been said. Until now. Servitor magick has been around for a long time, but it became popular in the last half-century or so. There are countless Chaos Magick books and free websites that will tell you how to create a servitor. There are a small number of variations on a theme, but the essence of these sources is the same.

Magickal Servitors contains two major secrets discovered by The Gallery of Magick, which are embedded within the fabric of this process. This magick is designed to be accessible to beginners as well as experienced occultists. If you are new to magick, all you need is an open mind and the willingness to work with the techniques as instructed. You will be pleasantly surprised by the way the world yields to the touch of magick.

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You will discover: Spirits that are easy to contact and effortless to command. Servitors that grow and change with your needs.

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Magick for long-term, repeating results. Servitors for Self-Development, that help you enhance or subdue a personality trait. Perception Servitors, to see people and situations clearly. Servitors of influence, to stir thoughts and feelings in others. Manifestation Servitors for material rewards and real-world change. The secret process of Vision, Creation and Life that gives birth to a loyal, powerful spirit.

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Acclaimed author Damon Brand say, 'With the secrets of practical magick, you create your life according to your true will. There is no higher magick than the magick that brings results. Downloaded: 63 times Size: pages Add to wishlist Download for credits. If you have a genuine desire, speak the Words of Power and magick will come alive for you.

The words have been translated from ancient texts into simple English. It takes moments to read the words and then the magick happens. If you've ever done magick of any kind - whether casting a spell, performing a ritual or even just praying - this may sound too good to be true. Author Damon Brand says, 'I felt the same way when I first explored these ideas, because I'd spent a lot of time working with more complex magick.

When I tried the Words of Power, the results I received convinced me that this magick works. Words of Power work because they connect you to spirit forces with direct access to divine power. No special pronunciation is required. If you can read English, you can say these words. The book gives you the ability to avoid violent situations, attract generosity, know what people are thinking, improve luck, skills and wisdom as well as getting support for your projects.

Words of Power give you new ways to attract money, make money last longer, protect yourself, repel enemies, gain an advantage as well as winning competitions. You will discover: 25 word combinations that produce results. Magick that can be done in private. Emergency magick for instant results. A brief activation ritual that switches the words on. Damon Brand says, 'Magick is about getting results in the real world, and that is the promise of this book. Downloaded: 74 times Size: pages Add to wishlist Download for credits. In his popular Magickal Cashbook, author Damon Brand taught readers how to attract money in moments.

Enochain Calls - The Language Enoch used to Communicate with Angels

In Wealth Magick, he reveals the closely guarded secrets of the super-rich. The entire operation is made safe by three omnipotent angels who oversee the operation, but if the thought of working with demons makes you squeamish, look to my other books such as Words of Power and Magickal Angels, which have no demonic content. This book is designed for serious occult workers, who want to focus on long term wealth creation.

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The magick is safe, because every demon is constrained by angelic forces, but this is not a book for those who are uneasy with the occult. Damon says, 'To be clear, and for the sake of complete honesty, I am not super-rich, but I am extremely wealthy compared to where I was in previous years, and compared to my childhood I feel like a billionaire.

To me this is extreme prosperity, because I never have to worry about money, I get to do everything I want to do, go the places I want and own the things I've always dreamed of having. Wealth Magick concentrates the best magick into a series of workings that will enable you to attract the wealth you desire. If you want money, it's yours. You do not have to spend years performing endless spells or make offerings to dangerous spirits.

This method has been concentrated into the purest magick. You begin attracting wealth from day one. As Damon Brand points out, magick is often over-complicated. He says, 'Before you know it you're trying ten different methods at once and your house is filled with candles, altars, incense and all sorts of images, crystals and magickal gadgets.

Everything you need is contained in Wealth Magick. The magickal operations in this book are not about attracting a little extra cash. They are about creating a completely new lifestyle, based on a flow of extreme prosperity. Only go ahead if you genuinely want to focus on creating wealth and if you are willing to accept the challenges and changes that come with extreme wealth. You will discover: The 1 mistake people make when trying to manifest money.

A set of unique secret seals, drawn from ancient texts and combined with modern magick. How to find out what you really want, and perform your magick safely. A quick ritual for attracting fast cash. If you are drawn to magick, you will get good results. If you are afraid of magick, you will not. There is plenty of evil in the world, but there is no evil in these books. You will not be punished by karma or chased down by demons, and there is no magickal backlash that will punish you for being rich.

But if you are afraid of magick or think that magick is evil or that you are underserving of wealth, this book is not for you. If you're uncertain, you can read more about magick on the website. If you feel that magick can help you take control of your life, then welcome the power that this book offers. Downloaded: 55 times Size: pages Add to wishlist Download for credits.

The angels in this book can be contacted easily, and give you access to powers that can improve your life. The Greater Magickal Angels follows on from the popular Magickal Angels, but is a complete magickal system in its own right. You do not need to be familiar with the first book to get results. Magickal Angels introduced readers to 24 angels, but The Greater Magickal Angels covers the powers of 48 angels that were not revealed in the first book. You can start working with the Greater Angels immediately and everything you need is included here. Anybody have any familiarity with this? Reply With Quote.

Join Date Nov Posts 5, Originally Posted by Smyth. Originally Posted by John Hanley. Originally Posted by CJ Gotcher. What's wrong? Was it the book title and concept? Or the failure-to-hyperlink? Gotta be able to link. The subject matter is awesome. Will this help my squat? Or hard work and time are my only way?!?

The Greater Magickal Angels: Instant Access To 133 Angelic Powers The Greater Magickal Angels: Instant Access To 133 Angelic Powers
The Greater Magickal Angels: Instant Access To 133 Angelic Powers The Greater Magickal Angels: Instant Access To 133 Angelic Powers
The Greater Magickal Angels: Instant Access To 133 Angelic Powers The Greater Magickal Angels: Instant Access To 133 Angelic Powers
The Greater Magickal Angels: Instant Access To 133 Angelic Powers The Greater Magickal Angels: Instant Access To 133 Angelic Powers
The Greater Magickal Angels: Instant Access To 133 Angelic Powers The Greater Magickal Angels: Instant Access To 133 Angelic Powers
The Greater Magickal Angels: Instant Access To 133 Angelic Powers The Greater Magickal Angels: Instant Access To 133 Angelic Powers
The Greater Magickal Angels: Instant Access To 133 Angelic Powers The Greater Magickal Angels: Instant Access To 133 Angelic Powers

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