Way of the Inner Smile

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It was calming and an easy way to feel relaxed on the inside. The stubborn organ with attitude generally was tight, hard and tense. It obviously needed relaxing along with a little bit of attention and love.

To achieve success, I would place my hands on the organ for a stronger connection continue to breathe and smile into the stubborn body part; until it finally softened and received the well-being benefits of the smiling energy. I must say this simple little exercise taught me alot about my organs as I became more and more intimate with them as each week passed. If the organ being stubborn was the kidney then I made sure I drank more water and used the smiling energy to dissolve any trapped fear in my kidneys.

A few extra yoga twists were also useful in giving the organs a gentle detox and bringing fresh blood flow. By simply giving your organs mindful attention and filling them with more healthy energy such as smiling and breathing more oxygen and blood flow , you are in effect shifting emotional garbage trapped in your organs. I can honestly say it does work.

A Quieter Place :: Inner Smile

Following is a simple explanation as to the emotions linked to your main organs. Smiling into your liver can not only help dissolve anger and resentment but greatly assist with the decision making process. Allow yourself to forgive, accept and feel kindness. Feel safe, secure and protected in life again.

Breathe a smile into your kidneys, feel them soften on the inhalation and release fear and stress on the exhalation. Fill your lungs on the inhale and totally empty them on the exhale.

The Inner Smile: Increasing Chi through the Cultivation of Joy

Allow fresh new air to fill your lungs as you inhale the smiling energy. Feel them relax and release any feelings of sadness and depression. The stomach can often be a place where we hold lots of worry. Smiling into your stomach can greatly help bring you into the present moment releasing worry and anxiety about the past and future.

The Inner Smile Way: The Ultimate Spiritual Path

Continue breathing the smiling energy into your stomach until it feels totally relaxed. A relaxed stomach means improved digestion and a calmer you. Smiling into your heart can help shift cruelty, hurt, hate and impatience. Feel your heart fill with joy, kindness and compassion with each breath cycle. Of course you can enjoy a quick 5 minute smiling break by breathing into any part of your body that is overworked, fatigued or stressed. Smile into your eyes if they are tired. Smile into your jaw if you are clenching your teeth. Smile into your shoulders if they are hunched and tight.

Smile into your feet if they are tired. A smile encourages you to soften, release and improve energy flow. If you really want to improve the health of your organs you can add colour and sound to deepen the practice. Ritual Keeper. Slow Rest Alchemist. Weekly healing ritual. Smiling goes a long way with how you can improve your mood and how others perceive and react to you.

Hello and thank you. I have many health issues and people ask me how I am always so happy. I believe that I feel better when I am happy and smiling and that feeling bad and angry makes me feel worse. Good post. Did you know that when one person smile it gives work out for most of the muscles of the face, while one frown only few muscles get worked on. Thus smile for your facial work out.

And there is nothing bad about smiling. Everyone needs to smile to take off all the problems that they carry. I always enjoy learning techniques and meditations like these. Many thanks! Mediation on a smile. What an excellent idea! Easy path to clear the mind from being distracted by random words. Just keep thinking … smile. I just wanted to say that I have been a lot happier since I started Yoga. I also feel a lot better.

Yoga to me is a form of mediation. They say that beauty comes at no cost and a smile is the best thing to wear when feeling down or sad. Also that people who are aged and have a lot of wrinkles around the jaw; they have been smiling a lot throughout their lives. Smiling raises our energy frequency! There are movements targeted to specific body parts, emotions and ailments.

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It seems strange at first that these simple movements can be so healing, but the real healing comes from the mindfulness that is cultivated, just as in yoga. I truly believe that Qi Gong is the most powerful form of mindful movement. And in Daoist tradition, the Eastern philosophy behind Qi Gong, meditation is a key component.

But I can honestly say that whenever I need a real pick-me-up, the Daoist meditations are my go-to. The meditation is very simple. Essentially, you are imagining smiling into your own body and heart. Think about the way you feel when someone smiles at you.

Inner Smile

You feel good right? It feels like a little lift in your spirit.

Color Atlas of Ophthalmology,

And in the Daoist philosophy, by bringing that positive energy to your body, you can help heal yourself. Give it a try and let me know your thoughts! You are commenting using your WordPress.

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Way of the Inner Smile Way of the Inner Smile
Way of the Inner Smile Way of the Inner Smile
Way of the Inner Smile Way of the Inner Smile
Way of the Inner Smile Way of the Inner Smile
Way of the Inner Smile Way of the Inner Smile

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