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Contactformulier Vult u alstublieft onderstaande gegevens zo volledig mogelijk in, dan kunnen wij u optimaal van dienst zijn. Wij nemen binnen een werkdag contact met u op. U kunt ons ook bellen op At the Master's level? Or is it what you do regardless of diploma? I bring this up because I tease my friend about being the only philosopher I know personally and he says he isn't one. But if you are on the cusp of getting your Master's, on the way to your Ph. D what the hell else are you? Join Date Apr Posts 11, Originally Posted by Romanus.

Originally Posted by BigDon. Originally Posted by Ken G. No doubt tongue in cheek, but if meant to be taken seriously: who wants to point out the flaw in Quine's position? Hint: Aristotle has told us what it is. One could ask the same thing of astronomers; when does an amateur become a professional? For my part, I think it's definitely the actions and inquiry that count, just as I don't define a writer as only someone who has published something.

But, practice counts.

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It's pretty hard to say-- perhaps one is not "something" until one obtains gainful employment doing it! That certainly rules out a lot of philosophers-- your friend is probably just hedging his bets Originally Posted by Frog march. Now, is there anything going on in the world today that requires a comfort level with that which is grey?

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Originally Posted by hhEb09'1. I don't think that philosophy exists in a vacuum, people always needed their senses, their eyes and ears etc, to give their thoughts meaning, to even have those thoughts, and science is just an extension of those senses; and sensory information without a level of interpretation, ie philosophy, is pretty useless. There isn't really even logic, without a philosophical interpretation.

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You couldn't even have a game of chess without agreeing some sort of rules, and who sets the rules, who even remembers the rules? If that isn't just a bit of a ramble Well, I have no lack of humor, but I thought this was a science forum, not a joke forum. I'm sure those are a laugh a minute, but we can aspire to something different here. Obviously I know your use of the word "guilt" was facetious, my point is that it is very definitely the pervasive view that has appeared in many threads that philosophy has nothing to add to scientific discovery.

I personally feel that is a view that needs reassessment. Even science is seen in this way, by a lot of people. I've been amazed at people's inability to make the connection between science and technology, as for example the CERN project. People seem to view pure research as some sort of charity case, that governments indulge scientists in. Maybe some scientists make the same mistake in thinking that science can exist without culture.

Join Date Dec Posts 13, The purpose of Philosophy is pondering the current unknowables or untestables.

Why Philosophize; Why not Just Model?

That is the only reason it really has a purpose. Philosophy is a bit like 'wanna be' science. It isn't Real, it's just the only thing you have to work with sometimes.

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Why philosophize? Why philosophize?
Why philosophize? Why philosophize?
Why philosophize? Why philosophize?
Why philosophize? Why philosophize?
Why philosophize? Why philosophize?
Why philosophize? Why philosophize?
Why philosophize? Why philosophize?

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